Khaleel Gibran

I love donuts and robots, and I make weird and often useless web-related stuff on the internet. I like messing with technology, making websites and playing around with code.

where you can find me

I usually go by the moniker khalby786 or thepixelatedonut on the Internet.

I publish all my open-source code on GitHub. I usually create small projects, proofs-of-concept or small static sites that don't require much work on Glitch. However, if I feel like trying out CSS or recreating stuff I see on the Internet with CSS, CodePen is the place to go.

I like offering people the luxury of being able to contact me in more than one way, in case they ever need to get a hold of me (hey, you never know!). I usually hang around pretty much all the time on Discord. Instagram is where my friends tag me on cringe posts and Twitter is where I post my thoughts on life and stuff(shush, GitHub Copilot) I desperately need followers.

Informal emails are also accepted at If you're worried about your FBI agent reading your emails, or practising how to use PGP keys, you can find my public PGP key here. If you're interested, I'm on Keybase too.

I'm totally fine with such emails.